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I say! That's rather racy. Jolly good stuff, what?

"Would you gentlemen care to join me in the bedroom?" asked your wife seductively.  They all looked at you for a moment with trepidation, but then ran off after her down the hall while you sat there in dismay.

"Would you gentlemen care to join me in the bedroom?" asked your wife seductively.  They all looked at you for a moment with trepidation, but then ran off after her down the hall while you sat there in dismay.

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Nerdy Wife gets Owned in front of Husband

Nerdy Wife gets Owned in front of Husband
by Gustav Jorgenson

Newly wed couple Arthur and Eleanor joined a couple of friends Herman and Lester one night to enjoy a rousing game of “Settlers of Catan,” a board game cherished by nerds the world over. Unfortunately their friendly game was disrupted by the intervention of Herman’s crass cousin Joey…

Arthur, Eleanor, Herman, and Lester were all sitting around the coffee table in Herman’s living room playing “Settler of Catan” when Herman’s cousin Joey walked into the room.

“My god, look at you nerds,” laughed Joey crudely, stretching his large muscular arms far apart and then rubbing his bald head with contentment.

“Uh, Joey, we are trying to play a game here,” said Herman with annoyance.

“Who’s that guy?” whispered Eleanor, looking Joey up and down critically. He was a tall, well built young man in his early twenties wearing sweatpants and a sweatshirt with some sports team insignia on it. He dominated the room with his presence and Eleanor noticed her husband and the other two young men playing with them shrink down slightly in response to him. Joey reminded Eleanor of the mean jocks that used to harass her husband back in high school.

“That’s my cousin, Joey,” explained Herman with resignation. “He’s staying with me for the summer.”

“So which of you nerds are the swingers?” asked Joey with a smirk, flopping down on the couch as the friends sat cross-legged on the floor before him.

Everyone at the table looked at Herman with raised eyebrows and he blushed furiously.

“I uh, tried to explain polyamory to Joey but he doesn’t really get it,” said Herman sheepishly.

“Oh shit,” sighed Lester. He knew that Herman was polyamorous and was seeing a girl who had other lovers as well.

“Yeah, I saw Herman’s girlfriend out with another guy and I when I told him about it, he was cool with it,” laughed Joey in amazement. “I can’t believe you people. I wouldn’t let some other guy fuck my girlfriend like that.”

“Ok, look, so first of all, you don’t even have a girlfriend,” said Herman impatiently,

Eleanor couldn’t help giggling in response and looked over shyly at Joey as he sat sprawled on the couch with his legs spread wide. He was fingering his crotch distractedly and she blushed and looked away, pushing her glasses back onto the bridge of her nose.

“And secondly, and secondly,” stammered Herman. “I am the only one who is polyamorous here. Eleanor and Arthur are married and monogamous.”

“Oh yeah?” asked Joey, looking Eleanor over with interest. She was wearing a tight t-shirt that showed off her breasts and short skirt with knee-high socks. She pulled at the hem of her skirt self-consciously, her face burning as Joey looked her over. “You guys look pretty young to be married!” snorted Joey. He brazenly stared at Eleanor’s big boobs as he touched himself and was surprised when he felt his thing stiffen at the sight of them. He had never fucked a nerdy chick before.

“We are 24!” blurted Arthur defensively. He was mortified at the way Joey was ogling his wife. Eleanor had always dressed very modestly and was never an overtly sexual woman, but Arthur had been trying to convince her to dress more provocatively lately. Now he felt a cold pang in his gut as he realized the consequences of her revealing outfit. He actually had been interested in getting Eleanor to think about polyamory, but he never imagined some dumb jock like Joey would show an interest in her. He thought it might be fun if she fooled around a little with one of his nerdy friends. That seemed harmless and titillating, but the idea of this jerky guy Joey being interested in her filled him with jealous dread. Joey was exactly the kind of guy that used to beat him up in high school. He was exactly the wrong kind of guy to be with his wife.

“Ok, that’s cool,” said Joey, rudely stroking the growing bulge in his sweatpants as he looked Eleanor’s body over. “No need to get all huffy about it. I was just asking.”

“Christ Joey, do you have to touch yourself like that?” asks Herman with exasperation. “It’s pretty impolite.”

“Oh jeez, you sound like my mother,” laughed Joey not bothering to stop. “I don’t know why I do this, I guess it’s just a bad habit I picked up. All my guy friends touch their junk. It’s no big deal.” He looked Eleanor in the eye with a wicked grin while he pinched the head of his cock through his sweatpants.

Eleanor gasped in surprise at the tent Joey’s penis was pitching. It seemed like an improbably large bulge to her and her cheeks flushed red at the thought of such a large penis. She caught herself wondering what it would look like and glanced away in embarrassment.

“Uh, should we continue the game here?” asked Lester awkwardly. He sensed the strange sexual tension between Eleanor and Joey and it made him uncomfortable. He didn’t like Herman’s loud, rough cousin and Lester wished he would go away.

“Man forget that game, let’s just hang out,” cajoled Joey. “What are you guys drinking? Let me have one.”

“Uh, we have wine coolers in the fridge,” muttered Herman, giving his friends an apologetic look.

“Wine cooler?” snorted Joey with derision. “What a fag drink! Oh well, whatcha gonna do?” But he jumped up and strode easily out of the room with his erect penis pointing straight out in front of him as he went. Eleanor couldn’t help but stare at his priapic bulge as he went. Arthur noticed her interest and felt nauseous.

“I’m so sorry, guys,” whispered Herman, glancing over his shoulder toward the kitchen. “I thought he was going out for the night. Maybe we should pack it in. I can’t expect you guys to put up with my boorish extended family.”

“Is he really related to you?” asked Eleanor with amazement. “He doesn’t seem very smart.”

“Well, he was adopted,” explained Herman with a grimace. “He really doesn’t fit in with the rest of the family.”

“Ahh,” said Eleanor knowingly. “That explains it. Well we certainly can’t continue the game if he is going to hang out. But I don’t want to let him ruin our evening together. I was looking forward to seeing you two.” Eleanor batted her eyelashes at Herman teasingly and Arthur got excited. It was OK with him if Eleanor flirted with Herman. Herman wasn’t a big threatening meathead.

“Well, I guess we can go up to my room to hang out,” said Herman, trying not to stare at Eleanor’s milky white thighs. She had shifted around and Herman could see right up her skirt now.

“Nah, don’t go up there,” said Joey, walking back into the room carrying a wine cooler and a bag of chips. “Stay down here and hang out with me.”

Arthur was relieved to note that Joey’s bulge had subsided quite a bit.

“Joey, you don’t really have anything in common with my friends,” squeaked Herman in complaint.

“Yeah well, it’s good to meet people with different points of view,” said Joey, furrowing his brow.

Eleanor was surprised to hear Joey making such a cogent observation. He seems to genuinely want to spend time with them. The idea that he was lonely crossed her mind and Eleanor felt herself feeling sympathetic toward Joey.

“I’m not such a bad guy once you get to know me,” continued Joey earnestly. “Here, Eleanor, come sit with me on the couch and let’s chat.” He patted the couch next to him suggestively with one hand while the other hand strayed back to rummage around his groin.

Eleanor watches in fascination as Joey’s bulge grew again while he seemed to be rubbing his testicles through his sweatpants. She looked uncertainly at her husband who was gazing at Joey with plain distaste. “I, uh,” she said hesitantly.

“Come on now, I don’t bite,” said Joey with a toothy grin.

“Well, OK,” agreed Eleanor, rising to her feet and looking down at her husband.

Arthur gave her a pained look but didn’t know how to object in a polite way, so he kept his mouth shut. Eleanor pressed her lips together tightly and joined Joey on the couch. Eleanor felt his body giving off heat next to her and could smell a slight tangy scent of body odor emanating from him. She felt slightly repulsed and yet slightly drawn to him and she caught herself staring down at his crotch as the bulge in his sweatpants resumed it’s prodigious proportion.

“So, Herman, who’s doing your girlfriend tonight?” asked Joey amicably, as Lester and Arthur cleaned up the Catan board. He yawned expansively and stretched out his big arms in both directions, then he slid one big limb behind Eleanor and wrapped it around her shoulder, drawing her up against her side. Eleanor gasped and put her hand on Joey’s thigh reflexively and was momentarily distracted by how solidly muscled his leg was.

“Hey, uh,” objected Arthur weakly. He could feel his armpit growing damp with anxiety.

“Yes, Arthur?” asked Joey innocently as he gripped Eleanor tightly.

“That’s, err, my wife,” choked Arthur, finding it hard to breathe as his heart pounded in his chest.

“I know,” responded Joey smugly. “She’s very soft and snuggly.” He grasped Eleanor’s side playfully and she broke out giggling in spite of herself.

“Stop it,” she squealed, struggling to suppress her laughter as she wriggled free from his grasp.

“Oh, sorry,” said Joey, withdrawing his arm from her and resuming his self-fondling.

“That’s better,” said Eleanor, pulling at the hem of her skirt primly. “Now behave yourself,” she said with a little smile. She couldn’t help feeling flattered by his attention. Men rarely paid much attention to her, let alone macho guys like Joey and she wondered if she should wear revealing clothes like this more often. She liked feeling desirable.

Arthur just stared open mouthed at his wife sitting there with Joey, unsure of what to do. She was clearly enjoying his advances and the jealousy was tying his stomach in knots. But Joey quickly kept the conversation moving.

“So you were telling us about poly, uh, poly-mony,” said Joey with a smirk as he struggled with the pronunciation.

“It’s pronounced poly-am-ory,” replied Herman with a derisive snort. “And I wasn’t actually talking about it, it’s a personal matter.” Herman tried to hold himself upright with dignity, but he felt terrible for Arthur and couldn’t help feeling guilty about what was happening.

“Oh, do tell us,” chirped Eleanor timidly. “I am curious about it.” She glanced at her husband nervously. Arthur had made vague references to polyamory previously but they had never sat down and discussed it properly. She knew that this wasn’t the right time or place to discuss it and she felt a bit naughty encouraging Herman to talk about it with Joey in the room.

Herman gulped and glanced at Arthur inquisitively but Arthur just nodded his head slightly to give his acquiescence. He did want to broach the topic with his wife even though he felt weird doing it in front of this jerk Joey.

“Ok, well, polyamory is a type of relationship that acknowledges that people can have love for more than one other romantic partner,” said Herman.

“Chicks don’t dig it when you cheat on them usually,” brayed Joey crudely.

Herman rolled his eyes in response. “It’s not cheating, Joey. Everyone knows about the other partners and agrees to the relationships,” he said tightly.

“Yeah? That sounds good to me. Where do you meet chicks into that?” asked Joey skeptically.

“You don’t have a girlfriend at all, Joey?” asked Eleanor sympathetically.

“Nah, there’s this girl I met last time I was out here and we hook up sometimes,” said Joey rubbing his head uncomfortably. He seemed vulnerable for a moment and Eleanor’s heart went out to him. Then he slapped the top of his own head decisively as though to snap himself out of it and rolled his shoulders to relieve the tension. He turned to look Eleanor in the eye, “What do you think of this palimony? You want to share those boobies with some other guys besides your husband?” He gestured to Eleanor’s large breasts, protruding provocatively in her tight t-shirt and gripped his crotch suggestively.

“Don’t be a pig, Joey,” demanded Herman shrilly. Then he turned to Arthur, “Sorry about my cousin, Arthur. He isn’t house trained.”

Arthur sat silently with the blood draining from his face. Joey just guffawed and stared at Eleanor’s chest while he fondled himself.

Eleanor blushed cutely and covered her bosom with her hands self-consciously. “What is it with guys and breasts?” she stammered nervously. “They are just mammary glands. They are for feeding babies.”

“Well, large mammary glands were probably a sign of reproductive fitness and it would be adaptive for males to take note of that,” said Lester suddenly. Everyone stared at him in surprise and it was his turn to blush. “And, uh, maybe it’s not super helpful of me to point out right now,” he muttered, lowering his gaze to the floor in shame.

“Right, but this is modern world,” piped up Eleanor, her face burning hotly. “Boobs aren’t a necessity to raise babies, we have baby food now.”

“Yeah, you could feed some babies with those knockers alright,” said Joey, missing her point and rubbing his stiff phallus through his sweatpant as he stared at her chest.

“My god, Joey, don’t you feel weird about rubbing your thing in front of me like that?” exclaimed Eleanor finally. She stared at his large bulge as he handled himself and felt herself growing aroused at his brazen behavior. She wondered what it would feel like if he stuck that big thing into her. She wondered if Arthur would like to see that and the idea sent a thrill through her loins.

“Why, you want to rub it for me?” asked Joey, gripping his rod by the base and pointing it toward her lewdly. Eleanor’s eyes widened at the sight of Joey’s big dick outlined so clearly by his sweatpants and her mouth formed a charming “o” of surprise.

“Now cut that out!” croaked Arthur, his voice cracking with nervousness. His palms were sweaty with fear and excitement at this strange confrontation. “You can’t talk to my wife like that.”

“Hey, don’t piss yourself over there Art,” sneered Joey derisively. “Eleanor isn’t going faint at the sight of a cock, she’s a grown woman.” He looked over at Eleanor gazing at his member and chuckled. “Man, she can’t take her eyes off of it. Look at her.”

Eleanor pulled her eyes away and glanced at her husband guiltily. “Well you are swinging it around like a baseball bat, it’s kind of hard not to notice,” she said, forcing a laugh and trying to make light of the situation. But her pulse was racing and she could feel her vagina burning with arousal. She was sure she was sopping wet right now.

“Well it’s kind of hard not to notice your tits in that tight shirt,” responded Joey smartly. “If your husband doesn’t want guys waving their dicks at you, he shouldn’t let you out of the house dressed like that.”

“Uh, most guys can control their animal urges,” said Eleanor with a genuine chuckle. “You don’t see Lester whipping his penis around do you?”

“Wait, Lester has a penis?” asked Joey in mock amazement.

“Beside, Arthur asked me to dress like this,” added Eleanor quietly, avoiding her husband’s gaze.

“What, whaaa?” said Joey, sitting up straight and fixing Arthur with a penetrating stare. “Is that true, bro?”

“I’m not your, uh, bro,” mumbled Arthur, unable to meet Joey’s aggressive stare.

“But you aren’t denying it, neither,” said Joey gleefully.

“Joey, you are being an ass, stop it,” chided Herman weakly. He was surprised to hear that Arthur had encouraged Eleanor to dress this way too.

“Herman, look at Eleanor’s outfit, will you?” demanded Joey. “Look how short her skirt is, look how tight that t-shirt is. He’s trying to pimp his wife out to you nerds.”

Eleanor pulled at the hem of her skirt and smiled sickly at Herman and Lester as they looked her over and Arthur stared off into space, too mortified to speak.

“Oh man, I see what’s going on here, Eleanor,” laughed Joey. “Your hubby had you slut it up and brought you over to have Herman teach you about pulmonary sex, like a nerd orgy or something.”

“For christ’s sake, it’s called poly-amory, Joey,” screeched Herman in frustration.

“Whatever, dude,” said Joey solemnly holding up a hand toward Herman’s face. “Deny it, Arthur, I dare you.”

“I don’t know what you are even talking about,” muttered Arthur nervously, taken aback that his plan was so easily divined by this numbskull.

Eleanor carefully watched her husband’s reaction and it was painfully obvious that he was lying. She struggled to catch her breath as she considered the ramifications. Arthur had intended to find out if his friends Herman and Lester would find her attractive in this outfit and then have Herman carefully explain the rules of polyamory to her. Later on he probably planned to reintroduce the topic in order to gauge her interest. But with Joey here, things were clearly progressing much too fast for Arthur’s liking and of course, Arthur never planned on sharing her with a big threatening jock like Joey. He wanted to share her with his non-threatening milquetoast pals.

Joey shrewdly watched Eleanor thinking things over and then interrupted her reverie. “I see the wheels turning in that noggin of yours, Eleanor, you little slut.”

“No one has ever called me a slut,” gasped Eleanor in dismay.

“Yeah, probably cause you look like a nerd with those glasses and you don’t normally show off that smoking hot body of yours,” said Joey confidently, looking Eleanor’s body up and down with appreciation.

“Maybe we should just call it a night,” said Lester, standing up suddenly.

“Lester, sit the fuck down,” demanded Joey sharply and Lester complied instantly, falling back down comically. “Don’t you want to see Eleanor naked? Arthur came here offering his wife to you and Herman. Why you want to hurt her feelings and reject her like that?”

“I didn’t, I’m not,” sputtered Arthur in confusion.

Eleanor held up her hand to forestall her husband’s protests. “Ok, Joey, just what makes you so sure that I am going to get naked?” she asked with a devilish smile.

“Shit, I could tell that by the look on your face just now when you realized what Arthur was up to,” said Joey leaning back in his seat confidently. “I could see that little sparkle in your eye. You are a straight up nerd slut. You would get down with these two for sure, but the question is, could you handle a real man like me?” and he gripped the huge bulge in his sweatpants for emphasis.

“Ah, you aren’t any more of a man than we are,” piped up Lester peevishly.

“Wow, Lester, way to stick up for yourself,” said Joey condescendingly. “I take it back, you are a real man too. But the question remains whether Eleanor is going to get down and dirty with me here or not.” Then he returned his attention to Eleanor.

She just giggled nervously under Joey’s intense gaze while Arthur shifted uncomfortably on the floor watching helplessly. “What’s the question again?” she asked.

“Here, look,” said Joey, clapping his hands together loudly and making everyone jump. He grinned at their reaction and rubbed his big callous palms together briskly. “Eleanor, stand up please and let us get a better look at you, will you?”

“You don’t have to,” offered Arthur meekly.

“She knows that,” snapped Joey sternly, shutting Arthur up. He gestured for Eleanor to stand up and she complied self-consciously. She stood before them with her hands folded in front of her. She noticed Lester and Herman looking her body over surreptitiously and the idea excited her.

“Now take your shirt off,” said Joey, licking his lips.

“Look here!” squawked Arthur indignantly. He felt that things were really getting out of control.

“Look where?” snarled Joey. “This is what you brought her over here for, isn’t it?”

“Not like this,” mumbled Arthur in confusion. He couldn’t believe this was happening. This wasn’t how he pictured things going at all.

“Don’t be mean to Arty,” pouted Eleanor defiantly. “I won’t do anything he doesn’t want me to do.”

“Ellie, you know he wants you to do it,” said Joey soothingly. “He just can’t admit it.”

Eleanor looked at her husband quizzically and bit her lip in consternation. She could tell what he was thinking. He wouldn’t mind her stripping if Joey wasn’t around. Joey wasn’t supposed to be part of the picture. Yet, here he was, wagging his big dick around and taking control of the whole situation. Eleanor found herself attracted to the sheer wrongness of stripping for Joey. It would be a deep affront to Arthur for his wife to strip for the same sort of dumb jock that used to cause him such grief. And yet, she yearned to do it. She wanted Joey to take control of her and put his dick in her while Arthur sat and watched. As she looked at her husband, she wondered if Arthur would get off on it too. She found it very odd that he hadn’t protested more so far. She decided to test the waters and see how upset Arthur would get.

“How about if I just take my shirt off?” Eleanor asked Arthur meekly.

“It’s too weird with him here,” said Arthur, nodding toward Joey, his heart racing.

“Is it?” asked Eleanor shakily. “Let’s just see.” And she went ahead and stripped her t-shirt off and stood there topless except for her bra. Lester and Herman’s eyes bulged out of there heads as they stared at her breasts, barely constrained by her lacy bra. She fought the urge to cross her arms over her bosom and she turned and jutted her chest out for Joey to see. “What do you think, Joey?” she asked, slightly abashed.

“Aww, yeah,” he laughed raucously. “I knew you were a slut. A nerd with a great rack, you can’t hold her back.” He tugged unconsciously on his cock while he ogled her pale, quivering cleavage.

Eleanor glanced at her husband as he sat there gaping like a fish out of water. The fact that he didn’t jump up and shout told her all she needed to know. “What do you think of my boobs, Lester? Am I signalling reproductive fitness?” she asked coyly. Then she bent down so that Lester could get a better look and shimmied her shoulders seductively.

Herman laughed in spite of himself and then bit his tongue when Arthur glared at him.

“Heh, yeah, wow,” said Lester, his forehead beading up with sweat. “Very fit, yes,” he stammered. “I think my glasses are going to get steamed up.”

“Quit teasing the dork and come here,” said Joey, jumping lithely to his feet and grabbing Eleanor in his arms forcefully.

“Omigod, Joey, what are you doing?” she squealed, giggling madly. She enjoyed the feeling of him crushing her slightly in his arms. He was acting out his primal urges and it stoked her desire for him.

“I’m taking charge now,” grunted Joey, reaching behind her and unsnapping her bra with alacrity.

“Oh no, you mustn’t,” she protested weakly, trying to hold her bra on and looking at her husband earnestly. Arthur had a visible bulge in his pants at this point and she felt confident that he was enjoying this little show in spite of himself.

“You know you want it,” mumbled Joey, tossing her bra aside and grasping her soft white orbs in his rough, calloused hands. He pinched her tender pink nipples and they grew stiff under his fingers, eliciting a gentle gasp from Eleanor. She reached down reflexively and gripped his boner protruding shamelessly through his sweatpants. His penis was thick and amazingly firm and she squeezed it with delightful anticipation.

“Joey, this is so fucked up,” gasped Herman, watching in fascination as his cousin molested his best friend’s wife and she gripped his dong eagerly in response.

“I know, I never fucked a guy’s wife in front of him before,” cackled Joey. “You see that Arthur, she didn’t waste any time getting ahold of my dick, did she?”

“Ellie, what are you doing?” whined Arthur as his wife tugged on Joey’s rod.

“It’s just so big and hard,” explained Eleanor, vaguely conscious that her eloquence was decaying as her mind became clouded with lust. She started gently tugging on Joey’s penis through his sweatpants while he ran his hands over her soft smooth flesh greedily. He bent over and started sucking lustily on her nipples. Eleanor’s cheeks were flushed deep red as she stood there being violated by this ruffian in front of her husband and his friends. Her pussy was sopping wet with yearning.

“Big and hard,” repeated Arthur stupidly, his penis unaccountably stiffening further at the sight of his wife tugging on this animal’s gonads.

Joey took a break from sucking Eleanor’s nipples and grasped her breasts in his hands. He pointed her nipples at Lester playfully. “Lester, can you believe the tits on this chick? Look at these bad boys.”

“Yes, I already said, she’s very fit,” responded Lester feeling his own penis stiffen at the sight of Eleanor’s luscious boobs.

“Let me see this ass,” demanded Joey, yanking Eleanor’s skirt and panties down to her knees forcefully. She gasped in surprise as her bush and bare ass were suddenly exposed for all to see. “That’s like a white girl version of a bubble butt,” exclaimed Joey gleefully. He bent down to peer at her round white buttocks and spanked one sharply in appreciation.

“Ow,” exclaimed Eleanor cutely. She liked how he took liberties with her and pulled on his penis more insistently.

“You are being quite rough with her,” complained Lester, shocked and aroused at the site of Eleanor’s naked body.

“Treat a lady like a whore and a whore like a lady, my friend,” said Joey with a smile. He turned her to the side forcibly and uncouthly slid his hand over her soft pale belly and then down between her legs. “Oh god,” she gasped as his finger probed her crotch and clumsily simulated her clitoris.

“But, but,” stammered Arthur, his cock throbbing in his pants while he looked on with a turbid mix of humiliation and arousal. He was sickened at the sight of this beast cavorting with his woman, but it was somehow much hotter than he imagined it would be. Joey really was more macho acting than Herman or Lester and it was exciting to watch this brutish monkey take control of his wife.

“Honey, just, I don’t know, maybe you should masterbate while you watch,” said Eleanor distantly as she kicked her panties and skirt aside and spread her legs slightly so that Joey could finger her more easily. She grabbed the waist of Joey’s sweatpants and yanked them down to his knees and his massive phallus came popping out and poked her in the stomach. She reached down and cupped his huge hairy balls in one hand while she slide her hand up and down the smooth skin of his shaft. “My god, look how big his testicles are!” she exclaimed turning to her husband in amazement. “They are enormous!”

“Yeah, that’s right,” said Joey smugly, spanking her ass again playfully for emphasis while she tugged his junk and he fingered her in mutual genital manipulation.

“I mean, yeah, really?” stammered Arthur helplessly. “Sure his gonads are bigger than mine, but then again so are a horse’s, but I don’t feel jealous of a horse.”

“Oh no, I don’t want to make you jealous,” apologized Eleanor as she held Joey’s prodigious organs in her hands. She adjusted her glasses to scrutinize his scrotum more closely. “I just haven’t seen anything like these. He is like an animal isn’t he?” she giggled.

“I take that as a compliment,” said Joey happily. “Now get down on your knees and suck that shit.” He pushed Eleanor’s shoulders down and she willingly complied, dropping to her knees before her new lover.

“Wow, this is really getting intense,” said Lester staring at Eleanor’s perfectly formed buttocks. “Can I masterbate too?” he asked her politely.

“Well I won’t be offended if you do,” she giggled as Joey slapped her mischievously in the face with his big boner. “I’ll just be sucking on this big damn thing I guess,” she laughed. Arthur’s stomach filled with ice as his wife greedily wrapped her mouth around Joey’s massive phallus. Lester wasted no time and quickly started fapping away madly as he watched Eleanor suck off the big jock.

“Man, look at your wife sucking my cock like there’s no tomorrow!” shouted Joey gleefully. He put his hands behind his head and thrust his hips forward rhythmically, cramming his huge dong deeper into Eleanor’s mouth as she fellated him with enthusiasm.

“Jeez, you don’t have to be such prick about it,” complained Herman looking at Arthur with concern.

“Oh fuck it,” sighed Arthur, unzipping his fly and pulling his stiff erection out of his pants. “This isn’t how I wanted it to go down, but oh well.” Arthur stroked his penis intensely as he watched his wife’s head bob up and down on Joey’s penis.

Herman shrugged and joined his two friends in jerking off while they watched the show of Arthur’s wife getting used for sex.

“What an amazing ass, she has,” breathed Lester, gazing at Eleanor’s round white ass as she rocked forward and back, sucking Joey’s dick with abandon.

“Slip it in there, man,” encouraged Joey. “She’ll never notice that little thing. She’ll barely feel it.”

“Very funny,” snapped Lester grumpily as he fingered his stiff but modest manhood.

“Look me in the eye, while you suck it,” demanded Joey. “I like that.”

Eleanor complied submissively, gazing up through her spectacles into Joey’s eyes with adoration with his penis stuffed in her mouth.

Arthur looked at with his lips wrapped around another man’s penis, her cheeks sucked in, and gazing up at him lovingly as he as his nerdy friends sat around watching and masturbating themselves.

“Do you have to look at him so beseechingly?” complained Arthur feeling more jealous of the look she gave Joey than the fact of the blowjob.

“Well, don’t forget that polyamory means you can love more than one person,” opined Herman sagely as he tugged his surprisingly fat penis. “Of course she can only love a lump like Joey in a primeval physical way, as opposed to the deeper, cerebral connection that you and she share.”

“Thank you, Herman, that was very eloquent,” said Eleanor, withdrawing Joey’s stump from her mouth.

“Yeah, I’m cool with that too,” grunted Joey with satisfaction. “As long as I get the pussy, I can’t complain. Lay down on your back and spread your legs,” he commanded Eleanor brusquely.

“Yes sir,” she responded with a mock salute. She obediently lay down on the floor and spread her legs invitingly for him. All the men gazed at her charming bush with fascination. Then she reached down and spread her labia for Joey, exposing the pink lining of her vagina.

“Oh jeez,” croaked Lester in consternation as semen started spouting from the tip of his penis onto the living room carpet.

“Ha, ha,” laughed Joey crudely. “Couldn’t hold it any more huh? You gotta clean that mess up, yourself, bro.” He stood stroking his colossal member as he looked down at Eleanor, graciously offering her snatch to him on the floor.

“Sorry,” apologized Lester with chagrin. “I just never saw a woman do that before. Well I never actually saw the inside of a vagina before,” he admitted sheepishly.

“Lester, poor dear, I didn’t realize,” said Eleanor sympathetically, fingering her clitoris idly as she waited for Joey to bestow his manhood upon her. “Arthur, we should let Lester fuck me next time.”

“Ok, I mean, whatever you want,” panted Arthur as he stroked himself sweatily.

“Wow, that would be great,” said Lester looking at Eleanor with gratitude.

“Aren’t you going to fuck me, Joey?” asked Eleanor sweetly, looking up at Joey with a come hither gaze.

“I’m savoring the moment,” said Joey proudly as he gripped his meat in his hands.

“Oh, your thing, it’s turning red,” said Eleanor, growing wetter and wetter in anticipation. “It’s red like a dog’s penis,” she added with a giggle.

“Woof woof,” barked Joey, climbing onto her and pushing his dong inside her tight, waiting snatch.

“Oh god, go slow,” she panted. “You are so big.”

“Ok, baby,” he said as he eased his thick shaft carefully down into her narrow hole. “Wow you are tight as hell. Tight and hot and wet. Holy fuck.”

“Urgh,” groaned Herman, as he ejaculated onto his own shirt.

“Yeah, that’s dirty,” agreed Lester, watching avidly as Joey fucked Eleanor on the floor. “Fuck her with your dog penis, you brute,” he encouraged.

“Wow, Lester, well said,” laughed Herman, reaching for a napkin to clean himself up.

“Yeah, he is like a rough, filthy beast, fucking my beauty,” mused Arthur as he approached climax himself. He stared with sick fascination as Joey’s muscular ass pistoned up and down as he drove himself insistently into Arthur’s wife.

“Oh, Joey, slow down, I just, oh no,” cried out Eleanor as she shuddered with a convulsive orgasm. Joey felt her twat tighten around his cock and struggled to hold back.

“Which is hotter?” he asked Arthur suddenly. “Cum inside her or cum on her belly so you can see it?”

“You fucker!” spat Arthur in response, but the rude comment pushed him over the edge as well and he started shooting sperm up into the air as he watched his wife get owned.

“Yeah, a little of each, then,” said Joey and he pumped a few loads of cum inside Eleanor and then pulled out and discharged his remaining jism onto her breasts and her belly. “Yeah, look at that, Arthur. I really used your wife good!” crowed Joey triumphantly thrusting his arms into the air after soaking Eleanor in semen.

“Now play nice, Joey,” said Eleanor condescendingly as she idly smeared his sticky ejaculate around the areola of her nipples. She was glowing in the aftermath of her climax and she looked quite beautiful laying there.

“Whatever,” said Joey, straddling her agilely and pushing his softening cock rudely into her mouth. “Clean this up for me,” he laughed. Eleanor complied willingly, and Arthur gut wrenched again at the look of pure devotion in her eyes as she looked up at Joey while she sucked his limp dick.

“That’s enough,” said Joey with satiety. “I’m done with you.” He jumped to his feet and stretched his big muscled body. “Wow, that was awesome,” he said flexing his biceps. “Your nerd wife can really put out like a champ,” he told Arthur, mussing his hair playfully.

“Get off me,” squeaked Arthur, slapping Joey’s hands away.

“Get off me,” mocked Joey good naturedly as he pulled his sweatpants back on. “Look I really enjoyed putting on this little show for you dorks, but now I’m going to go get some grub and find some real booze. Smell ya later!” Joey waved broadly and strode casually out of the room.

Only Eleanor waved in reply and she watched him leave with a slight pang of disappointment. She didn’t really want to hang out with Joey but she had hoped he would slap her with his penis a little more before he left. She turned to her husband and his two friends, all sitting with sticky, limp penises protruding from their pants as she lay there naked before them, covered in some jock’s cum. “Well, he was nice,” she offered awkwardly.

“He’s sort of prick, actually,” said Lester, his penis starting to swell again slightly at the sight of Elanor’s naked body spread out before him.

“Wow, are you getting hard again, Lester?” she asked, looking at his penis with interest. “You just came.”

“Yeah, but you are still naked,” explained Lester as his johnson rose slowly to attention.

“Oh yeah, you are a virgin,” she said thoughtfully. “Here, I will go shower that nasty man’s seed off myself and then you can have a go at me,” she said with a wicked smile. She stood up awkwardly and stretched herself, the three young men admiring her amazing body as she did so. “Do you want to watch again, dear, or would that be too much to handle for one day?” she asked Arthur lightly.

“I guess I will watch again,” said Arthur numbly.

“Fantastic, I will meet you boys in Herman’s bedroom,” she said, clapping her hands together happily and dancing off in a spritely mood.

“Do you have a book on polyamory?” Arthur asked Herman apprehensively. “I’ve got to read up on this stuff.”

“Certainly, my good man. I understand exactly how you feel,” said Herman, patting his comrade on the shoulder as the three friends headed up to the bedroom for further debauchery.

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"Oh, your friends just love it when I dress up in little outfits for them," explains your wife.

"Oh, your friends just love it when I dress up in little outfits for them," explains your wife.

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"Why hello there," says your wife as she grips the bulge in this young man’s pants.

"Why hello there," says your wife as she grips the bulge in this young man’s pants.

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"Please don’t interfere, darling," says your wife as the workman grips her buttocks.

"Please don’t interfere, darling," says your wife as the workman grips her buttocks.

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Drinking with the Enemy

Samantha came out into the living room wearing a short black cocktail dress and stockings. She was teetering in her high heels since she wasn’t very accustomed to wearing them.

“Whoa, where are you going?” asked her boyfriend Frank, looking up from playing his video game.

“I told you that I was going out drinking with Cindy tonight,” said Samantha with exasperation as she put in her earrings hurriedly.

“Why are you dressed like such a slut?” asked Frank suspiciously.

“You like this?” asked Samantha brightly, turning and wiggling her rump at him. Her short dress clung tightly to her rear, revealing it’s round shape.

Frank gazed longingly at Samantha’s butt and gorgeous legs. There was a strip of pale thigh visible above her stockings which always made him hard and this time was no exception. He felt himself stiffening at the sight of her.

“Who’s all going?” he asked her.

“Just some friends of hers from her new job at that bar Scooters,” said Samantha absently.

“Scooters?!” cried Frank in amazement. “That’s the place where I got in a fight with the bouncers!”

“Wait, what?” asked Samantha. “You never told me about that.”

“I uh, yeah,” admitted Frank awkwardly. “Well remember when I came home with that black eye last month?”

“Oh boy,” said Samantha, biting her nails nervously and avoiding Frank’s accusing gaze.

“Don’t tell me you and Cindy are going out drinking with the bouncers from Scooters,” yelped Frank indignantly.

“How was I supposed to know you got in a fight with those guys?” demanded Samantha defensively. “You never told me.”

“Well, you can’t go,” said Frank shakily. “You definitely can’t go drinking with those dickheads that beat my ass in the bar just for mouthing off to them.”

Samantha stood with her hands on her hips and just stared Frank down. She wasn’t used to taking orders from him and she wasn’t about to start now.

“I mean, come on,” he said weakly, wilting beneath her stern expression. “That’s not cool.”

“Frank, I can’t ditch Cindy at the last minute like this,” said Samantha reasonably. “I just have to go.”

“But that’s like betraying me,” whined Frank.

“Look, we are just having drinks,” said Samantha, pulling self-consciously at the hem of her revealing dress. “It’s not like I am going to sleep with all of them.”

“Yeah, well, can’t you at least go change into something less sexy?” begged Frank. “Put some jeans on or something.”

Samantha snorted in response. “You want me to go out looking like a bag lady?” she asked.

“Those assholes are going to be checking out your body like mad,” said Fred bitterly, his stomach roiling in jealousy at the thought of the big rough bouncers getting drunk and ogling his girlfriend.

“No they won’t,” said Samantha unconvincingly.

“Yes, they will,” asserted Frank. “That dress barely covers your crotch. And Jesus, are you even wearing a bra?”

“No,” said Samantha, covering her stiff nipples with her hands modestly. “But I never wear a bra with this dress, the straps would show,” she argued feebly, gesturing to the spaghetti straps of her dress.

“Oh man, what if one of them hits on you?” asked Frank, his brow breaking out in sweat as he looked his attractive girlfriend up and down. “Those big meatheads will get drunk and start pawing at you like crazy.”

Just then there was a honk from the driveway. “Oh shit, here they are,” said Samantha, glancing out the window. “Look, I know this is weird, and I wouldn’t normally go out with some guys that beat you up, but it’s too late to back out now. I can’t leave Cindy hanging.”

“Fuck!” said Frank in frustration, peeking out the window at the big black SUV in the driveway. The head bouncer from Scooters was at the wheel and Frank recognized him as the one that had given Frank his black eye.

“Look, I love you and I would never betray you, ok?” said Samantha, giving Frank a quick peck on the cheek.

Frank didn’t respond and Samantha teetered out the door. He watched through the window as she swayed down the driveway and the big bouncer got out of the SUV and looked her up and down appreciatively. Frank ground his teeth at the sight. The big man opened the back door for Samantha to get in and slapped her playfully on the ass as she climbed into the SUV.

Frank could take no more and went running out the door to confront him.

“That’s my fucking girlfriend, asshole,” shouted Frank, confronting the bigger man in the driveway.

“What the fuck?” said the bouncer, taken aback for a minute. “Oh hey, I remember you. Looks like your eye healed up but you still don’t know how to keep your mouth shut.”

“Samantha, get out of the car!” shouted Frank shrilly.

Samantha rolled down the window and yelled, “Frank, just go back inside, will you?”

“Yeah, just go back inside, Frank,” laughed the bouncer climbing back into the driver’s seat. “Don’t worry, me and my buddies will take good care of your girl tonight.” Then he slammed the door and pulled out of the driveway. Samantha waved consolingly to Frank as the SUV screeched down the street, loud music blasted from it’s obnoxiously loud stereo system.

Frank paced back and forth all night, unable to concentrate on anything but Samantha. He kept picturing her getting fucked by each of those muscle bound steroid freaks, one after another, crying out in ecstasy as each big man used her for sex and spurted his load inside and all over her. He drank beer after beer, getting drunker and more upset until he finally just passed out cold.

He was awoken the following morning by Samantha as she creeped in the front door with her shoes in her hand. Frank had fallen asleep on the couch and he groaned as he looked over at his disheveled girlfriend. Her hair was a mess and her makeup was all smeared. Her stockings were full of runs and her dress was stained with white splotches.

“Where the fuck were you all night?” demanded Frank. Then he paused after noticing how ragged Samantha looked and softened his tone. “Jeez, you look as bad as I feel.”

“Look, honey, I can explain,” said Samantha, holding up her hands for clemency.

“Ok, explain,” said Frank sitting up painfully and reaching for the bottle of water on the table to wash the taste of copper pennies from his mouth.

“We got a little drunk and I ended up crashing at Jimmy’s house,” croaked Samantha awkwardly.

“Who the fuck is Jimmy?” demanded Frank impatiently.

“Look, can I go get washed up first before we get into this?” pleaded Samantha.

“No, Jimmy is one of those bouncers, right?” spat Frank, his face burning with shame.

“Yeah, he was the one who opened the door for me last night,” admitted Samantha, with a grimace.

“And who slapped your ass,” said Frank tightly.

“Yeah, I guess,” said Samantha, coming over and sitting down on the couch next to Frank. She took the water bottle from Frank and took a long drink. “Look, those guys are actually really nice. It’s a shame you got off on the wrong foot.”

“Wait, what?” squawked Frank.

“They don’t have anything against you,” said Samantha defensively. “They said that you were being a real jerk to them the night they roughed you up.”

“Whose side are you on?” demanded Frank angrily.

“I’m on your side, honey,” said Samantha rubbing his shoulder to comfort him.

“Then why did you sleep at Jimmy’s house last night?” he pouted sullenly.

“The boys and I went to Jimmy’s house for more drinks after the bar closed and they uh, were too drunk to drive me back,” said Samantha evasively.

“Jesus, you went and drank all night with a bunch of asshats that beat the shit out of me,” said Frank, shaking his head in amazement and looking at Samatha with a hurt expression. “Why didn’t you take a cab home?”

“We were, um, it was, uh, I don’t know,” stammered Samantha, avoiding Frank’s accusing gaze. “We were having fun, actually,” she admitted in a small voice. “They were really into me.”

“They were into you?” complained Frank. Then he looked more closely at the stains on spattered all over Samatha’s dress. “What the fuck did you get on your dress?” he asked with disgust.

“Yeah, I, uh, don’t know,” said Samatha brushing at herself guiltily.

“Jesus, is that cum?” gasped Frank in shock. “Did you fuck those guys last night?” His heart was racing as the idea crossed his mind.

“No, ha, what the heck?” laughed Samantha weakly, taking his hand. “What kind of slut do you think I am?”

“You’re lying through your damn teeth,” said Frank, snatching his hand away. “Don’t insult my intelligence.” He glared at her angrily, but he didn’t want to believe she had cheated on him with those douchebags. That would be too humiliating.

“Ok, what do you want me to say?” pleaded Samantha desperately. “Maybe we horsed around a little, but it was just for fun, it wasn’t serious or anything.”

“What kind of horsing around?” demanded Frank suspiciously.

“Uh, let’s just forget about it,” said Samantha. “I’m taking a shower.” She got up and retreated to the bathroom, but Frank followed her insistently.

“You just seem guilty if you won’t tell me what happened,” whined Frank, standing in the bathroom door as Samantha twisted the shower knobs, releasing a spray of hot water.

“Look, let’s just talk about it later,” she replied, stripping of her dress casually.

Frank paused to admire her naked body for a moment then stopped short, “Hey, where are you panties?” he asked.

“Uh, I, well,” stammered Samantha, blushing furiously. She was at a complete loss of words. “I don’t know, actually,” she admitted. Then she hopped into the shower to avoid further discussion.

“How can you not know where your goddamn drawers are?” insisted Frank. His stomach dropped at the implication. “Why did you take them off?”

“I can’t hear you,” shouted Samantha as she soaped up her large round boobs and then reached down to scrub her bush while Frank looked on longingly.

“Oh, fuck,” swore Frank as he stalked out of the bathroom. “She fucked those guys, I just know it,” he said to himself miserably, pacing back and forth in the living room. He knew he should dump her over this, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it. He was too in love with her. Besides, he didn’t really have any proof that she cheated.

Samantha got out of the shower and then scurried directly into the bedroom, slamming the door behind her. Frank had to work that day, so after he showered and dressed quickly then ran off to work without talking to Samantha any further. When Frank got home from work, he found the black SUV in the driveway and Jimmy knocking on the front door while two of the other bouncers sat in the SUV waiting for him.

Samantha answered the door just as Frank approached. She was wearing a short trenchcoat buttoned all the way up, and fishnet stockings, which seemed odd to Frank given the mild weather.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” demanded Frank, approaching Jimmy belligerently.

“Honey, take it easy,” said Samantha nervously, glancing back and forth between Jimmy and Frank.

“Hey, Frank,” said Jimmy, looking down at Frank condescendingly. “Look, I just wanted to apologize for myself and the boys about that misunderstanding at the bar the other night. No hard feelings, huh?” He thrust his hand out to shake but Frank just stared at him angrily.

“Don’t be like that, Frank, go ahead and shake hands,” said Samantha, drawing the collar of her coat closed self-consciously.

Frank gritted his teeth and reluctantly shook hands with the big bouncer. Jimmy crushed his hand in steel grip and Frank nearly cried out in pain. He shook his hand ruefully once Jimmy deigned to release him.

“Ok, well, now that you have apologized, you can go,” said Frank in annoyance.

“Sure, let’s go Samantha,” said Jimmy. “You look really nice, by the way.”

“Thanks, Jimmy,” said Samantha, blushing and looking down as she stepped out of the house and started teetering toward the SUV with Frank in her high heels.

“Wait, where the fuck are you going?” shrieked Frank shrilly, unable to believe this was happening.

“The boys and I are were just going to take Sam out shopping,” said Jimmy with a broad smile. “Don’t worry, your girlfriend will be in good hands.”

“Shopping for what?” squawked Frank.

“You know, just to the mall,” said Samantha uncomfortably.

“Why are you wearing that damn trenchcoat?” asked Frank irritably.

“Oh, uh, it’s just, ah, you know, a gag I guess,” said Samantha blushing furiously. “It was Jimmy’s idea.”

“Show him what you are wearing under there,” coaxed Jimmy, wagging his eyebrows at her.

“Don’t rub it in, Jimmy,” said Samantha, looking at Frank with concern.

“Show me,” demanded Frank, sweat breaking out on his forehead.

“Oh shit,” said Samantha, rolling her eyes and unbuttoning the coat. She looked around nervously to make sure no one was around, then opened her trenchcoat timidly to reveal that she was dressed only in a lacy bra and panties with garters to hold up her stockings. She quickly closed her coat again and buttoned it up while Jimmy laughed deeply.

Frank was at a loss for words, “What, what?” he stuttered in shock, his pits damp with sweat.

“Come on man, don’t be such a stick in the mud,” said Jimmy slapping Frank on the back and nearly knocking him over. “We are going to have Sam flash guys in the mall and take pictures of the reactions she gets. It will be hilarious!”

“Sam, you agreed to this?” asked Frank in amazement, mortified at the idea of these guys humiliating his girl in public like that.

“Oh Frank, don’t make a big deal out of it,” said Samantha, smiling sickly. “It’s just for laughs.”

“Yeah, besides, we are going to buy Sam some real nice lingerie as a present,” said Jimmy rubbing his hands together in anticipation.

“Wait, you are taking my girlfriend lingerie shopping?” croaked Frank in disgrace. “Not going to happen, I won’t allow it,” he said trying to sound forceful.

“Oh Frank, just relax,” said Samantha, forcing a nervous laugh. “It’s all perfectly harmless.”

“Yeah, we just want to show her our appreciation for the good time she gave us last night,” said Jimmy with a lewd smile.

“Hush, Jimmy,” said Samantha, slapping his shoulder playfully. “Don’t tease Frank like that.” Then she opened the door to the SUV and hopped inside.

“Wait, when are you coming home?” cried Frank desperately.

“Um, later, I guess,” she called, rolling down the window.

“We are going to take her back to my place again and have her give us a little lingerie show,” said Jimmy clapping his big hands together. “But don’t worry, there won’t be any hanky panky. I promise.” Then he winked lasciviously at Frank, jumped into his SUV, and peeled out of the driveway while Frank stood there gaping like a fish.

He stayed up late waiting for her to get home, but he wasn’t too surprised when she finally called around 2 am and said that she would be spending the night at Jimmy’s again. He tried to ignore the giggling in the background as he pictured his girl strutting her stuff in skimpy lingerie for those dumb jocks and it burned his ass, but he just swallowed his anger as he crawled into bed. He tried to convince himself that she was staying faithful to him. She was just having a bit a fun. Maybe it was all perfectly harmless like she said.

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(via ibeautyland, trampling)"Look, this is a very elegant look for me," explained your wife over your protests.

(via ibeautyland, trampling)
"Look, this is a very elegant look for me," explained your wife over your protests.

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Wife Casually Entertains a Stranger with her Body →


Joshua was sitting in his living room reading on his iPad when his wife Eleanor walked in with a tall, broad shouldered man with chiseled features whom he didn’t recognize.

“Oh, hello dear, let me introduce my friend, Roger,” said Eleanor. She pushed Roger forward toward and he hesitantly…

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Wife gets fresh with your buddy

You and your buddies are watching television one day.  Your wife walks in wearing a halter top and short shorts and you notice some of your friends checking her out.  She likes to get attention with her body  which annoys you.  She flops down on the couch next to your pal, Tim and starts watching the show.  You notice Tim glancing over at her large breasts and exposed thighs several times.  You glare at him and catch his eye and he shrugs sheepishly when you bust him.  Your wife notices too and then looks at his crotch and see the outline of his boner running down the leg of his pants.

She turns to him with interest.  ”What’s this in your pants, Tim?” she asks, pinching the outline of his cock with her fingers.  ”Is it a flashlight?” she asks innocently?

The other guys break out laughing nervously as Tim wriggles in his seat and stammers a response.  ”Uh, no, that’s uh, something else.”

"Honey, what are you doing?" you ask angrily.

She just looks at you innocently as she continues to finger Tim’s cock through his pants.  ”I just wanted to see what this was.  I think I know now though.  It keeps getting harder the more I touch it.”  She turns to him and asks.  ”Did I do this?”

"Uh I guess so." he says, looking over at you desperately for help.

"Jesus, cut that out." you say getting to you feet, but unsure what to do.

"Ok, Ok." she says withdrawing her hand.  "Wow, so sorry to freak everyone out."

You shake your head in disbelief and sit back down, but you have a hard time concentrating on the show.  After your friends leave, you confront her about it.

"How could you grab my friend’s cock like that?" you demand as you shut the door behind the last of your guests.

"Well he was checking me out you know." she says smugly crossing her arms.

"Well you were flaunting your body again, what do you expect?" you ask exasperated.

"This is my house too, and I should be able to dress as I please in my own home." she replies heatedly.

"Yeah, sure, but what gives you the right to grab his cock.  You are a married woman!" you shout, embarrassed at how shrill you sound.

"You’re a married woman." she mimics, laughing.  When she notices your hurt expression, she comes and puts her arms around you.  "Oh honey, don’t make such a big deal out of it.  It was nothing.  I was just annoyed that you guys were taking over the living room with all your testosterone.  So I decided to turn the tables a little bit."

"Yeah, I don’t know." you say skeptically.  "That’s pretty… slutty, you know grabbing another guy’s junk like that."

"Well it’s not like I’ve never touched another penis before." says your wife coyly.

"Ugh, I don’t want to hear about it." you say pushing her away.

‘Ok suit yourself.” she says.  ”Want some food?”

"Uh, sure, what have we got?" you ask.  You feel that the matter isn’t settled, but you don’t know what else to say.


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Your wife takes some guys into the bedroom and closes the door

You are surprised when you wife brings home two strange men after work one day.

"Uh, hello," you say as they walk into the living room together.

"Oh, hello dear," says your wife, slightly embarrassed.  "This is Rob & Jerry, some friends of mine from work."

The two men give you a sheepish wave and quickly look away, examining the furnishings.

"We are just going to… hang out in the bedroom," says your wife hesitantly.

"Hang out?" you say, perplexed.

"Yes, well, it’s really quite comfortable in there," says your wife lamely.  "I’ll grab some drinks, excuse me."

She hurries off the kitchen and you stare with annoyance at the two strange men who are avoiding your eyes.  After a few moments of awkward silence, your wife returns with a drink tray and snacks.

"Follow me, boys," she says heading down the hall.

You stand up nervously , ready to follow them, but  your wife notices and calls back to you.  ”Dear, would mind terribly I spent some time alone with our guests?”

"Alone?" you call back stupidly.

"Well, yes, dear.  We would just like a bit of privacy," she says as they all enter the bedroom together.

"But…" you respond numbly.

"Nothing to worry about, we will be fine," she says brightly as she shuts the door.

You stand there perplexed for a moment and then sit back down.  ”This is preposterous,” you mutter to yourself.  But you don’t know how to deal with this sort of thing. Your wife has never done anything like this before.

You try to read for a bit but you can’t concentrate.  What could they be doing in there?  Your wife has never been unfaithful.  Surely there can’t be any hanky-panky going on…  After a while the door opens and you catch a glimpse of your wife scurrying into the kitchen. You are shocked to see that she is wearing nothing but a lacy bra and panties along with thigh-high stockings.

You jump up indignantly to confront her as she emerges from the kitchen to head back down the hall.

"My god, what do you think you are doing?" you gasp,

"Just needed more ice," she says blushing madly and holding up the ice bucket, trying to get around you.

"But where are your clothes?" you demand.

"Well… it’s…" she stammers.  "Look, I am perfectly comfortable dressed like this," she says nervously.

"You call that ‘dressed’? You are practically naked!" you insist, moving to block her way.

"Keep your voice down, dear," she says, looking with concern down the hall toward the bedroom.  "Our guests will hear you."

"Our guests!" you sputter in amazement. “What sort of shenanigans are going on in there?"

"Oh don’t be silly," she says, finally managing to slip deftly by you and hurry down the hall.  "What could you possibly have to worry about?" she says feigning levity.  Then she slips back into the bedroom and this time you hear her lock the door behind her.

You stand there in a daze for a while and then decide to go listen at the door.  You can hear the murmur of voices and occasional laughter but nothing else.  You can’t get up the nerve to knock, so you head back and sit down in the living room again.  Your wife is in there with these strange men for a long time and after a while you notice that your penis is hard thinking about what might be happening.  Embarrassed, you jump up and decide to listen at the door again.

This time you hear moans and rustling and the rhythmic creaking of your bed.  You turn pale at the sound as the blood drains from your face as your stomach flips.  But instead of banging on the door, you find yourself unzipping your fly  and pulling your cock out.  You are surprised that you feel this urge, but you start stroking yourself as you listen to obvious sounds of you wife getting fucked by two strange men.

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"Look, I’m just going to jerk him off a little, ok?" asks your wife innocently.

"Look, I’m just going to jerk him off a little, ok?" asks your wife innocently.

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"I don’t understand, what are you doing?" you ask as your wife takes off her blouse and hands it to you.
"I’m getting naked for our guest, silly," she laughs as she unsnaps her bra.
"Oh, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about," grunts your guest, rubbing his hands together excitedly.

"I don’t understand, what are you doing?" you ask as your wife takes off her blouse and hands it to you.

"I’m getting naked for our guest, silly," she laughs as she unsnaps her bra.

"Oh, yeah, that’s what I’m talking about," grunts your guest, rubbing his hands together excitedly.

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"My friend and I are just going to fool around a little, alright dear?" asked your wife."What do you mean?" you ask in confusion.
"You know, fool around.  I little kissing, a little groping.  Maybe some oral," she says bashfully."Yeah, oral sounds good," he grunts lustily.

"My friend and I are just going to fool around a little, alright dear?" asked your wife.

"What do you mean?" you ask in confusion.

"You know, fool around.  I little kissing, a little groping.  Maybe some oral," she says bashfully.

"Yeah, oral sounds good," he grunts lustily.

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"My husband ignores me sexually.  I think we have been married too long," says your wife, showing your buddies her lingerie.

"My husband ignores me sexually.  I think we have been married too long," says your wife, showing your buddies her lingerie.

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